Updated 6th oct 2019

Cymdeithas Fowlio Cymry Llundain

The association welcomes Bowlers born in Wales, of Welsh Descent, or with a Welsh Affiliation.

London Welsh has an attractive fixture list, both indoor and outdoors across the Home Counties and to the South Coast, playing counties, associations and clubs who are celebrating a significant anniversary.

A major event in the association’s calendar is the Edward Guinness Trophy day, during which London Welsh, London English, London Scottish and London Irish compete in a knock-out competition. There is an outdoor and an indoor version of this competition.

A feature of the outdoor and indoor playing seasons are the well-supported tours, usually to Wales.


All members are encouraged to participate in the running of the association by making themselves available to be proposed and seconded for the executive committee and, after a period of service, to serve as an officer of the association.

The London Welsh Bowling Association Annual General Meeting is held in April each year when we elect our President, Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President, together with the Secretary, Treasurer and other officers and committee members. These meet twice a year to deal with association business.